Septic Tank Riser Installation With over 20 years of experience in the on-site sewage industry, we have the knowledge and skills to give you the proper service and information you expect. We are a locally owned and family operated business that takes great pride in our work. Whether it is an emergency backup or a planned septic tank pumping, we want your experience to be the best it can be. We believe that by offering better service and saving you money on the services you need, you will continue to choose Above Grade Septic for all your septic needs.

Keeping your septic system maintained will save you money and help protect the environment. Septic systems are designed to pretreat the sewage before it is introduced to the ground water. When septic systems are not maintained properly, the pretreatment process can fail potentially contaminating the ground water, streams and creeks and even your drinking water. We all share the same environment and it is up to us to keep it clean and working properly for future generations.

We also make many efforts to be as efficient and cost effective as possible to help keep your costs down.

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